Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!

I am so sorry, I offered the  pdf file for my baking tray Advent Calendar below .... and I have searched my computer and I don't think I could have saved the file!  I am so cross .... as it took me ages to do .... but I can't find it anywhere.  So I am so sorry to all the people who asked for a copy ....What am I like?


SueF said...

I had an email from you yesterday with a link to techz*** - haven't clicked on the link though. Is it ok or is your address book throwing a wobbly?


Helen said...

Don't open it Sue .... I only ever reply to questions etc. I would never e-mail out of the blue xxxxx

SueF said...

thanks Helen - do you want me to forward it to you or shall I just delete it (looks like it was sent to papermill & a couple of other peeps too)
Loving the Xmas projects btw