Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Snowman Soup Packets And A Word About Food Sealers

I have changed this post slightly and have withdrawn the offer for my snowman soup inserts for reasons that I will explain in my next post …. but for now I thought I would show you how you could package up snowman soup packs.
Snowman Soup
On Sunday I went to buy the bits and pieces to make up my soup packets for this Christmas.
andys nokia 553
I found boxes of 6 sachets of Maltesers hot chocolate in B & M Bargains for 99p, the red packet is perfect for the Christmas theme. I also found boxes of 12 peppermint candy canes for 69p.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find any mini marshmallows anywhere, so this year I am going to use mini flumps instead! (99p)
Elitech Bag sealer
Whenever I use unwrapped sweets I always wear my pink disposable gloves and work in a clean area.  Because I want to keep everything as fresh and scrupulously clean as possible when dealing with food stuffs  I invested in a vacuum food sealer a couple of years ago (which has been proved to be one of my best buys ever), this means that I can make my soups and other sweetie bags well in advance.
Elitech bag sealer 1
I tend not to use the vacuum part,  I just put my cello (card) bag across the sealing wires, where the bag is sealed and and excess plastic cut off.
Using a bag sealer
As I precursor to this post I did some research but cannot the particular model sealer  I have, which is an Elitech, however I did find a very similar looking/sounding JML sealer available at Tesco, Asda, Amazon etc. however it’s up to you to research and it’s only a suggestion, I cannot help/advise you further.
andys nokia 557
A bag sealer isn’t absolutely necessary, especially for a one off project like this,  it’s just my personal preference to use one. Marshmallows are an option for the soup and can be easily replaced by all manner of other wrapped items including  chocolate snowmen etc.
The cello bag I put the soup inserts etc. in measures 14.5cms x 14.5cms (plus self adhesive flap) and the marshmallow bags measure 12.5cm x 7.5cm
Always check on the sell by/use by date of all items you use.
I can’t advise you on small hand operated battery sealers, I’ve had a couple and have never had any success with them.


nellie dean said...

Tesco sell packets of mini marshmallows, in the bakery aisle. I've got a bag of all white ones.

Jem said...

I bought a heat sealer from ebay for the school PTA. We can make our own sweet bags to sell or for our fairs. I agree about the gloves we always wear them - can't risk a tummy upset!! Janex

Is it just me or....? said...

I bought mini marshmallows in Asda in the cookery ingrediants aisle.

misteejay said...

I always love seeing your 'Soup' cards - they really do look fab.

Toni xx

Frances said...

While you mentioned that a bag sealer ain't really necessary for such a project, buying one is always a good investment since you'll end up using it a number of times to store your food as well as other goods.