Saturday, 8 October 2011

Christmas Badges

Made using my Badge It! from Bandai
Christmas badge
I bought a badge like this a couple of Christmases ago and was gutted when I lost it, as it just about sums up my mood when I go Christmas shopping ….. but now I have a badge maker …. I can make my own!
 Snowman Christmas badge
These three badges were a bit of an experiment. I have made several of the top left hand one, one of which I might try putting on a card. I’m not sure about the one with the writing on, and the one made using a cotton canvas inkjet paper is growing on me, I like the texture, but I think I will use a better quality canvas paper if I make anymore to get a clearer image.
Christmas Humbug Badge
And the last two …… well I can think of quite a few people I can give these to! If you’ve got a Badge It and would like a copy of these badges just e-mail me and I’ll send you the file.


Magical Jane said...

Haha, those gave me a giggle - and you make this badge maker sound quite appealing. Yay, more craft stuff ;)

marc said...

those are fab and yep you need a badge maker they are real fun and you can do so much with them big love marc

jo said...

I so need a Let It Snow badge - if only to wear to work and wind everyone up!

Diane said...

Love the Humbug ones !! Just fab Helen !!

hugs Diane xx

jo said...

Have sent you an email Helen if thats OK.

Tracey and Paul said...

love love love the badges !!!

Twiggy said...

Great, I love the humbug one :)
twiggy x

Mags said...

How fun these are! I'm going to get a badge-maker for my daughter for Xmas - she has a hat like the one you wear in your picture, and has lots of badges on it (mostly to do with cake...)

THANK YOU! She's impossible to buy things for, and I'm so grateful for your inspiration! Maybe she'll even make me a badge.....

luv, Mags x