Sunday, 9 October 2011

Let It Snow Wooden Christmas Tags

Let It Snow Wooden Tags 2
The tags in today’s post started life out as a box of animal dominoes that I got at a carboot sale for 50p!
Craft Ideas for Dominoes
I covered them with blue patterned paper and some glitter card and then embellished them with snowmen buttons (I coloured their scarves and buttons with Sharpies permanent pens), handwritten sentiments, a few stars and a bit of faux stitching.
Let It Snow tags
Before starting I checked that the ink from a black fine liner pen would not bleed into the wood and that you could write a message on the back.Let It Snow tag 1  
On the finished tag backs I have just done the faux stitching, leaving the middle blank.
Let It Snow Wooden Tags
I used my Aldi Craft drill set (bought a little while ago) to put the holes for the thread fastenings.
Aldi Craft Drill set
I also tried making a heart shaped tag along the same lines, but I am not so happy with it…. however, if you can wait a day or two I have altered the design a little bit with more pleasing results.
Wooden Heart Tag Snowman


Mags said...

What a tremendous idea! These are so cute!!

luv, Mags x

Bubbles said...

You're certainly getting some mileage out of those buttons... and they're so adorable!
Love these... and am so jealous (again) that you're confidant (and expert) at writing on these freehand!

Julie said...

Great idea - those buttons are so cute! x

tilly said...

love these tags, I need to go shopping with you, I don't SEE what you SEE lol, and your handwriting always looks good....unlike mine!

Angie said...

Have to agree with EVERYTHING that Tilly said. xx

Sue said...

Great idea, with a fab result.

Tip Top said...

Love these - and your writing is fantastic!