Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp Halloween Tokens

Elizabeth Mint Shaw Crips Halloween Trick or Treat
I’m not sure if I have done the whole Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp thing to death ….. but people still ask about the punches in various forums so here I go again ….
Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisps
Nothing much to explain really … just punch out two of each shape to cover both sides of the mint, decorate and then attach to the mint using double sided tape.
To be honest, they do look cute but in terms of cost they can be dear, it really is worth hunting for offers in the run up to Christmas, at the moment they are in Tesco BOGOF for £3.50 until 24th October. This year I not putting mine in packs, I’m just putting them in a dish in the middle of our Halloween  table and by the door.


qwiksave said...

Love the halloween designs! Coincidently, I made the christmas versions of these today and have just put them on my blog. Thanks as usual for the fabulous inspiration. x

Bubbles said...

Nope, definitely NOT doing them to death (v. good Halloween play on words though *lol*).
LOVE these... like everything you do - they're well executed and look great!

Anj said...

Pleeeeese don't stop showing them - I love what you do with these choccies & you have inspired me to use them for so many different occassions - I'm currently making some for my grandaughter's Christening. x x x

marc said...

yep i am with your other lovely followers you cant do these to death you need to let peps no because if they don't have those size punches (there are a few makers of them )they need to get them now as last year they were out of stock in most shops on line i know i tried for a month to get some for a friend also Helen i haven't seen the Casino coins but could you use them as they might work out cheaper in price perhaps you could do a make with them and show us what you come up with,but these are fab and peps love them big love Marc

Bubbles said...

Thank you Helen... got my gift today... had to write on a post here to let you know, as my e-mail has decided to temporarily give up! *lol* Thank you, thank you, thank you... etc.