Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags - Apple Bobbing Bon Bons

Mr Simms Apple Bon Bons
I really, really, really wanted to call these something really gross like snotballs but I didn’t want to offend anyone …. so in the end, finesse got the better of me and they will hence forward be known as Apple Bobbing Bon Bons! 
andys nokia 463
I prefer to use wrapped sweets for my projects, but with these it was not possible so I have donned my pink plastic gloves so they remain untouched by human hands.
andys nokia 471
I’ve used my Stampin’Up punches to make the tags and a few of this years Halloween stickers from Accessorize (£1.75)
The apple flavoured bon bons come from Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe and cost 99p for 100grams.


marc said...

i like the first name and i think with it being Halloween you could have got away with it lol big love Marc

misteejay said...

Fab idea but I agree with Marc about the name LOL

Toni xx

Mad-Frog said...

Great treat bags, the kids must love coming to yours on Halloween

Elfcrafts said...

I love the name 'snot balls' not offensive at all. These are great little gifts, my daughter would love it (apple bon bons are a favourite) xx

Bubbles said...

snot balls, dried frogs, blind beggars eyeballs, booger balls.... not offensive at all *lol*
Brilliant!... again :)

marc said...

lol love your names Bubbles i will use some of them big love marc