Sunday, 30 October 2011

Poundland Paperweight ….. Just £1…

I like to try and do something with my Poundshop finds as quickly as I can, otherwise the moment/excitement of finding a little gem is lost and the item soon forgotten.  ….. ….. and I just can’t tell you how thrilled I am with what I have done with the Poundland paperweight I showed you the other week!
Mr Fiddle Fart paperweight
I love to watch Mr Fiddle Fart (The Duke) fishing and thought I would use one of my favourite pictures of him from our holiday in Brixham this year to use with the paperweight, which measures approximately 10cm x 7cm.
Printing it to size didn’t take more than a couple of minutes,  I then used the faux velvet backing that came with the paperweight as a template to cut the picture to fit exactly.
I used Ranger Glossy Accents to stick the picture onto the glass, and then glued the velvet on top of that ….. all done and dusted! It’s now on my desk at work to remind me of the long, hot, lazy summer days, especially with the prospect of a cold winter looming ominously over us.
….. And I’ve been back to Poundland to buy a couple more as this has given me a few more ideas…….


Paula said...

Love it, Helen. I remember you posting about these a few weeks ago and I saw them in our Poundland. I might get some and do them as gifts with pics of my little one in. I am inspired now... thanks!

Suze Bain said...

Looks fab. xx

marc said...

love this you could do so much with them you could treat them like the cabochons may be put a fab rub on and then guild it or use inks and micra or wonderful bits of materials you are only limited by what you can glue to it
also you could make giant magnets if you get strong magnets or hang them in a window so the sun shines throw fab make fab find big love Marc