Monday, 31 October 2011

My Very Happy Halloween

Halloween Spider Booch
This absolutley mahooosive brooch was a present from my very favourite follower Marc, who I have spoken about before, I am so lucky, I have met so many wonderful people since I have started blogging,  but Marc really is one in a million! He is a constant source of information and top tips, what he doesn’t know about crafting and showbiz can be written on a postage stamp. He is so encouraging and has become a bit of a mentor to me,  whenever we speak I come off the phone desperate to get in my craft room to put into action some of his ideas. He is also generous to a fault!
andys nokia 641
On Friday I came home to a wonderful parcel …. containing amongst other things, the spider above, plus this BRILLIANT silicone gingerbread man mould …. I love it and can’t wait to start melting chocolate and making up little sweetie bags of them! I have a thing about faces, and their little faces are perfect.
Laser cut gingerbread men.
……plus a big bag of these laser cut gingerbread men …. I don’t think I can bear to use them …. but I have promised I will! At the moment I am thinking of using them on a remake of the gingerbread man tree I posted a week or so ago and some wooden tags …… and I must make some brooches with them too. Thank you Marc, you are too kind xxx


tilly said...

wow, how cute are those little men! and the brooch is just fab, I can see lots of makes coming up lol

Laura said...

The mould is brilliant! I am making chocolates for friends this year for Christmas but they will be nothing on your gingerbread men! Xx

Paula said...

Aww, Helen, Marc is good to you, how nice is that brooch. There are some lovely people in the world of crafting.

Suze Bain said...

What fabulous gifts. You're going to have so much fun with those gingerbread men! xx

marc said...

Paula it goes both ways Helen is always good to me and others by sharing all her art and crafts with us and always gives free candy when she ets bits
and i just new you would make some fab things with the bits big love marc