Monday, 7 November 2011


I always say it, but I am constantly amazed by the kindness of the people who read this blog.  Last week I was bemoaning the fact that my usual shopping haunts were bereft of mini marshmallows ….. and then what happens?  I get an e-mail from Louise telling me that there are marshmallows a-plenty in Asda …. and not only that, there was a pack on the way in the post for me!
Mini Marshmallows
I was soooooo touched!
Not only that, but there was an exquisite note with them from Louise …. it is so delicate. I love it and it is now kept safe forever in my Smashbook.  THANK YOU LOUISE, you are so kind xxxx


Paula said...

Helen - B&M have the mini marshmallows for 39p. I knowit's easy me saying that for as we know these shops tend to have them one minute and sell out the next. Ours were with the sweets in one shop and with all the Christmas type sweets in another. My issue is the hot chocs, as I loved the boxes of 8 or 10 they had in both B&M and Home Bargains last year but they dont seem to be doing them this year!

tilly said...

the little card is just beautiful, simple but so effective

marc said...

how kind a i love that little card and enverlope fab big love marc

gill said...

They had none left in my Asda or Tesco so I had to make do with Flumps
which are slightly smaller than normal marshmallows.