Saturday, 25 February 2012

Altered Bookplate – Mark One

Well, I was determined to use parts from the necklaces that found their way into  my shopping bag the other week and this is what I have come up with …..
Altered Bookplate
I think I may have overworked it a bit because the bookplate is hardly visible! I put an old fashioned Dymo label in the middle and then filled in the centre with Ranger Glossy Accents, but I overdid that too, so it’s gone over the frame a bit ….. doh! 
I plan to pin this version on my Kath Kidston bag, but I am going to try and fine tune the idea when I have five minutes. I was thinking that it would make a nice little plaque on a gift box or as an embellishment on a beer mat calendar perhaps?……..


marc said...

it looks fab and is fab and i dont think its to much you only learn things while you do them love the flowers and it would look great on a box or a fairy door or a bird cage big love marc

Carole Z said...

It's fabulous! I don't think you've over worked it all - it just makes it appear all the more 'luxurious' - gives it a richness, lovely! Carole Z X

Suze Bain said...

It's reallt lovely, like an old fashioned brooch. xx

tilly said...

it's really fab, at least you are having your moneys worth from your purchase

lonidan said...

I really love this. The brooch part looks really old fashioned and pretty and not at all too much. Louise xx