Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mini Easter Jars

Mini Easter Favour Jars
Well … I though I had used up all but six of my mini kilner jars that I had stashed away, BUT when searching for something completely different I found another two boxes, one of ten and the other of six …. what am I like?
apollo clipseal spice jars
But with Easter approaching it was quite a fortuitous find!
Mini Easter Chick Tags
I set about making some double sided punched tags, with a bit of doodling and using some metal chicken embellishments Marc had sent me on one side and  some felt flowers from Michaels sent to me from Dianne in Florida.
Mini Easter tags for Favour jars
They didn’t take long at all and I attached the to the jars through the metal fixings.
I got the Ashleys Mini Mini eggs from The Range and Poundshop.  In The Range they were 79p a bag …. I leave you to work out how much they were in the Poundshop!!  There were enough eggs in each bag to fill two jars.
Ashleys Mini eggs


marc said...

those look fab and i love those little metal chicks i will have to find the other boxs i have some were i got them a few years ago in bulk and they always make great easter gifts big love marc

marc said...

you should so do a craft sale or a famers market with your bits they would sale so well these are really fab looking

joseph said...

It's A Fabulous Post.And The Jars Were looking wonderful.Cool Collection mam