Thursday, 16 February 2012

What’s In My Shopping Bag This Week

As you know I am being very frugal this year when it come to my crafty shopping, however as all my Valentine goodies disappeared almost as soon as I put them out, I have allowed myself a few pennies to spend (and the rest will be saved)…..
Papermania Portobello Road
…. but I have invested in a 6” x 6” Papermania Portobello Road paper pack (£4). I just adore the patterns, colours and shabby chic effect,  and although I have no ideas at the moment as to what to do with the papers, apart from  jars of red, white and blue bonbons, I am hoping to make a few things to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee in the coming few months.
shonky necklaces
I also splashed out on these four earring and necklace sets from a local market in Penkridge, they were priced at 2 for £1!!  Now the ‘diamonds and pearls’ were falling out as handed my money over, but it was the enamel effect flowers that I had my beady eye on. I plan to disassemble them and make new steampunk type pendants with the parts, sticking the gems back won't be a problem
Marks and Spencer Bag of Love Chocolates
Marks and Spencer Bags of Love – chocolate hearts £2.50
I am also re-investing some of my pennies in heart shaped chocolates, initially with Mothers Day in mind. It’s hard to find chocolate hearts at the best of times and by checking the sell by dates on them (Dec 2012)  I know I can use them for various projects in the coming months.
Tesco be Mine Chocolate hearts
Tesco chocolate hearts £1 a net
Tesco Chocolate Love Bugs
Tesco Love Bugs - £1 a net
And the same goes for Tesco chocolate ladybirds which I found too late to use for Valentines Day, but will be nevertheless be brilliant for Easter.


marc said...

well in my eyes that money well spent and not wasted on things you might use one day when you already have a cupboard full of that stuff
i am loving that Portobello paper range at the mo it goes so well with the My Craft Studio Cd they have out called jewel Britannia also i live 5 Min's from portobello rd so its my Manor as they say lol what a fab buy those jewelery bits were i would have brought lots at that price a bit of E6ooo glue will fix them up and you can do so much with them they color well with pro markers and sakura pens
you have a real eye for a bargain they will make a good foundation for a charm bracelet big love Marc PS the hearts are a no brainier at that price get them while you can

Anj said...

love the fact you have a 'beady' eye on the! x