Monday, 30 April 2012

Chocolate Bargains At Tesco

Call me sad but ……Tesco have have packs of 4 Wispa, Crunchie, Twirl and Dairy Milk bars for £1 a pack until 15.05.12. I was only interested in the Dairy Milk as I like to “dress” them up, so I stocked up copiously, carefully checking the sell by date, which was mid March 2013, before handing over my ill gotten gains.

Tesco cadbury Dairy Milk

In my head I was already thinking “end of the school year” …. for “fairing” gifts – perhaps wrapped up in maps of exotic climes …. or wrapped royally for the  Diamond Jubilee, but it’s too good a bargain to miss, working out even better than the poundshops!


Suze Bain said...

Good idea to stock up - any bars you don't use you can just eat! xx

Kitchenbunny said...

I've noticed Morrisons were doing this same offer too. :) I always love looking at your crafty ideas - thank you!

KB xx

marc said...

buy them while you can if the sell buy date is good its worth it and you always have something for a quick make over big love marc

misteejay said...

At that price I think you need to get a few more...

Toni xx

Toni said...

Morning on this beautiful sunny morning (NOT)!!!!!
Bargain buy with the chocolate, think you need more.
Not sure what's happening with your blog but just noticed my 'sign off' has appeared on above comment frm Misteejay. Noticed a similar situation last week sometime as well. Gremlins are about.
Toni xx