Monday, 30 April 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafts–Party Poppers

I’ve seen a few packs of Diamond Jubilee party poppers in the shops but thought how easy it would be to decorate my own and save a bit of money ……
Diamond Jubilee Crafts Party Poppers.
….. especially as I already had a packet of these paper chains (below) from my local Cancer Research shop and which I have used in several projects previously. They only cost £2.00, are double sided and there are 240 links in a pack, which will last forever!!
Cancer Research paper Chains
All I have done is cut each link in half and colour the gaps between the flags with a matching Promarker pen as the original white was a little harsh.  Then I applied double sided tape to the link and rolled it round the popper …… simples!
Diamond Jubilee Crafts Party poppers
The “ordinary” poppers cost 99p for a pack of 20 from The Works. It was a very spookily find because although not branded as Jubilee items,  their plastic bodies match perfectly the vintage colour red, white and blue of the links, how brilliant is that??
Party poppers are not suitable for young children.


marc said...

great use of those chains and the more you use the more money goes to help fight cancer fab make
you could put them around the top and bottom of jars you had covered in red whit and blue tissue paper to make lanterns or you could make cup cake wrappers out of them the list goes on cant wait to see what you come up with big love Marc

tilly said...

well, you are finding lots of uses for these chains lol, keep on, not THAT many left lol