Monday, 7 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafts - Envelope Gift Bag

Marc has been nagging me to make one of these gift bags from an envelope forever, so with Diamond Jubilee ideas buzzing in my head I thought I would give it a try with a Jubilee twist ….
Diamond Jubilee Crafts Envelope Gift bag
I’ve used an ordinary white envelope, plus a die cut crown and cut up Union Jack paper chains from Poundworld to decorate both sides.
Diamond Jubilee Crafts  Envelope Gift Bag.
Now I admit to being very lazy and rather that do my own tutorial I have cheated and found this film by Hero Arts on YouTube which will explain far better than I ever could.

Here is another tutorial you might also like to have a look at:-
or failing that just Google – envelope gift bag.


marc said...

fab i am so glad you did it lol i make these a lot out of all different sized enverlopes and i use different sized measurements to give me different depth etc its fun just to play also do a score line a cross top tuck in and punch holes in double thickens to put ribbon handles great party bags especially if you go to pound shops et and buy a4 in bulk big love Marc

bonjen3 said...

I live in Edinburgh and you wouldnt even know that it was the queens jubilee year, there is nothing in the shops / papers etc about it

Waseem said...

I had never seen Gift Card envelopes like this before..I will try it out.