Sunday 6 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafts –Elizabeth Shaw Favours

Diamond Jubilee Crafts Elizabeth Shaw Mints.
No celebration would be right without getting out the old Elizabeth Shaw chocolate crisps! For the Diamond Jubilee I have kept everything very simple – but they are still pretty cute!
Elizabeth Shaw Butterscotch crisp
I found a circular Union Jack and simply resized it to produce a sheet of images to punch out with my plain 1 3/8” Stampin’ Up circle punch,
Diamond jubilee Crafts Elizabeth Shaw Mint Favours
Then I layered the punched image on to a gold scalloped circle (also made using a Stampin’Up punch) to cover the front and back of an Elizabeth Shaw Butterscotch Crisp,  chosen especially for the matching gold foil wrappings!!!
Diamond Jubilee Crafts Chocolate Mint Elizabeth Shaw
I haven’t been able to find any packets of small, plain, gold crown stickers (yet) so I’ve used a flat backed (plastic!!) diamond to continue the Jubilee theme. Done and dusted!


marc said...

i love this make and i so want those butterscotch crisps i cant find them any were near me yo could put a 60 in the middle if you dont want a gem but i like the bling big love marc

Carole Z said...

Brilliant make! Love it! Carole Z X

Anj said...

was waiting for this... lol! x