Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Inspiration……In Accessorize

I saw this huge mirror in the Exeter branch of Accessorize and just had to ask if I could take a couple of pictures of it ……….. it was so beautiful it almost took my breath away!
Accessorize Mirror.
The girl said it was made up of unsold/broken pieces of Accessorizes jewellery
Accessorize Mirror
However, I studied it for ages and noticed that it wasn’t as random as it first appeared, the colours were very carefully matched and a great many of the same pieces were used over and over again, like the pearl bows, the blue floral hearts and gold butterflies etc. but it was still very clever. I am now on the lookout for a wide framed mirror …. because I want to have a go at making something similar for myself ……


marc said...

i started out making mirrors like this for display i would use old toys or bits of broken jewellery i would use a mdf board cut to the shape i wanted i would use a recycled mirror stuck to that and then lay it all out starting with the largest pieces and filling in the gaps with smaller bits when i liked what i had done i would take a photo for reference and then use a industrial glue gun and e6ooo glue to work my way around sticking the bits on also i made them using shells strings of plastic pearls and plastic toy fish to make elaborate underwater world that i would then spray gold or paint white and distress to hide the fact it was all plastic they would look like old Renascence mirrors great fun to do you can do it on a smaller scale as well use picture frames and kids old toys to decorate a kids bed room ( be carful as the large mirrors got really heavy)
big love Marc

Helen said...

Ooooo Marc I knew you would have done these .... and only wish I could have seen one ..... how you have described how you made them really makes sense and has helped me no bounds ..... can't wait for the carboot sales to start now ..... all those plastic bags full of bits under the tables are now all mine!!!! Love the idea of underwater theme and toys .... the world is my lobster!!

Sue said...

Fab idea.



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Cheryl Winget said...

This would be a fun idea for decorating a child's room - use their small toys to decorate a mirror. I can just see a mirror with a paved road all the way around and little Matchbox vehicles glued to it. Maybe even a pile-up/accident at one corner.

Anonymous said...

After Reading your post, I saw one i MY local Accessorize..... In Denmark!!
The jewellery was different on this one, but it also looked great :). Anna (with the Japanese stickers :oD)