Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A Weekend Away ….. Recharging The batteries

I’ve just got back from a weekend in Dawlish Warren, a chance to recharge my very depleted batteries, eat and drink all the wrong things and embrace the sound and smell of the sea ….. I took a few pictures trying to be all arty-farty ….. but I’m a bit disappointed by the results …. but I thought I would share them with you anyway …..
heart Stone 1
As I took this picture of some pebbles on the beach  I noticed a “heart shaped” one in the bottom right of the shot ….
Hmmmm thought I …..
…… and tried a couple of things with it.
Copy of Beach Huts At dawlish Warren
I also couldn’t resist getting a shot of these beach huts…..
…… or these groins (if you’ll pardon the expression ……)
And this sign just made me laugh …..
Geralds Supermarket


linda said...

Hi Helen,
Your photos are just great they would make really nice cards that you would spend a fortune for in the high street stores well done you for taking such fab pics.

marc said...

like the pictuers the beach huts are fab big love marc

Cheryl Winget said...

That beach hut photo could be a poster - it's so colorful and I love the way you caught the arc of their placement. The sign made me laugh, too. Poor Gerald needs the services of a proper editor before his signs go to print. LOL

Bitter_Angel said...

I like your photos, they are pretty. I think what is disappointing you with them, is because it looks like a bright day, it confuses your camera and leaves your sky overexposed, giving a white sky instead of a blue one.

I hope you dont mind, but I liked your first image, so tweaked the sky back in and made the heart rock a little more focused. Here is a link to it with sky, to see if it pleases you anymore.

If you want sky adding to any others let me know and I can do that for you.

Ali E said...

I live in the next, well next again town over Teignmouth, did you get to visit our lovely town? we have a lovely old worldy part of town which I'm sure you'd love.