Saturday, 21 April 2012

Marc’s Mini Accordion File

Marc sent me something that really fired up my creative juices, not sure what the proper name for them is is so I’m going to call them mini accordion files.  The first two in the picture are the “real thing” and the one on the right is a template that Marc also popped in so I could make my own.
The Japanese one was stunning ….with some of the envelopes containing lovely earrings and a necklace  ……
….. as was the green suede effect one, what is he like!!!!???
Now please bear with me as this was my first attempt …. and just hope the instructions are good enough for you to follow.
Mini Accordian File
First I drew round Marc’s template, onto a firm/thick card, the notches indicate where the score lines should be. I then cut it out and scored and folded it, making the “joints” supple and bendy.
Mini Accordian File 1
I chose to cover my file with a navy silk material/paper (from QVC outlet shop), but with hindsight, as this was my first effort perhaps it would have been easier to used a patterned paper.
Mini Accordian File 2
I cut the silk paper giving me enough spare to fold over to give neat edges using double sided tape to stick it all down.
Mini Accordain File 3
Then I cut out the notches, and proceeded to carefully and as neatly as possible fold over and stick the edges.
Mini Accordian File 4
Voila …. I followed this by cutting another piece of silk paper to cover the inside of the file, again sticking it down with double sided tape.
Mini Accordian File 5
Next came the envelopes, six in all, and all I can say is that Marc’s envelopes are much, much neater than mine ….. I was far too impatient  to see the finished article!
Mini Accordian File 6When the envelopes were all cut out and stuck together, I put a length of double sided tape down the middle and stuck the envelopes one on top of each other to form an accordion effect………
Mini Accordian File 7
…… which I then stuck to both ends of the file.
Mini Accordian File 8
I also added a far too large Velcro fixing to each end ….. again I was in far too much of a hurry!!
mini Accordian File 9
Phew …… finally done and dusted!
Mini Accordian File .
This is now going in my rucksack to keep all my little findings and treasure safe and sound.
I have made a PDF of Marc’s templates, that I will gladly send to anyone who wants it. I am not too hot on this sort of thing, so I think in the process, the templates are now slightly smaller than the originals, so ignore the measurements I scribbled on them, but I am sure that from what I have done, you can use the measurements to make up your own set of templates if you want, or use the template as it is. –


Sue said...

Stunning. Well done Marc.

Barb Cady said...

This is a brilliant idea, clever Marc, and I love your first attempt! ,I can see it could be open to all possibilities, like Jubilee or Christmas ones, filled with after 8 mints or photo's or recipes or chocolate drinks..... The ideas are endless. well done the pair of you xx

laura said...

looks great Helen - its a lovely gift to receive and to give!!

SueF said...

they're fab - I've made something similar using cut down money envelopes, but being able to co-ordinate the colours you need is much better!


Suze Bain said...

These are lovely, I especially love the oriental one, it's gorgeous. xx

lonidan said...

I love these. Good on you marc for giving helen the idea and also helen yours is lovely. louise xx

tilly said...

what a great Idea, clever looks so handy for all sorts of keepsakes lol

Pamela said...

I've made a few similar to this for ATCs. When I meet up with forum buddies we take these wallets with ATCs in to swap. They help to protect the ATCs on the journey.

marc said...

i use to make them to keep ATC in when i use to make them for swaps i would do a set of one theme and send them in a matching wallet also the girls at the hospital make them to put little scrap tags in of their loved ones Helen you have done a fab job and i am glad you liked the bits and bobs
you could use little magnets instead of Velcro also these are good for keeping your store cards etc in big love Marc

marc said...

forgot to say if you make the wallet cover in a smaller size you can make it in to a post it note book cover just wrap a bit of scrap paper around the post it to see what size you need big love marc

Cheryl Winget said...

Lovely job, Helen, as always. What a super idea. Thanks so much to Marc, too.

lynda said...

Fab! Fab! Fab! I have been looking at Youtube videos on Mini albums and I came across a beautiful one with a very similar accordion album inside the mini album. I loved it and was trying to make a template for the inside'envelopes' Thank you Marc for allowing my old brain to rest in peace! :)

Lynda xx

marc said...

dont forget you can use any old cardboard packets you have to make this as you dont see it also you can cover in material and use extra strong tape for pockets big love marc big love marc