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Monday, 14 May 2012

A Card Made From A Parcel Sent By Melanie …..

Parcel from meleanie
I am always overwhelmed when someone takes the time to write to me and then sends me  something wonderful….. that happened a few weeks back when, after a fraught day at work, I found this exquisite package from Melanie sat sitting on my door mat …
It was crammed with all sorts of treasure and I was so thrilled!  Amongst the lovely bits I found this pack of Docrafts “Tulip” embellishments, which though I have seen in the shops I have never ventured to buy, and this was now was an ideal opportunity to try them out …..
Docrafts Tulip
I married them up with two papers from my Boofle 6ins x 6ins paper pack, which matched perfectly, punching a few hearts to fill in the “white space”.
Docrafts Tulip Range Engagement Card Venice
I now have a spooky sort of feeling that when the card goes into my staffroom box someone is going to say it’s perfect for someone they know who got engaged, married, honeymooned in Venice, I shall keep you informed!
xxx Thank you so much Melanie xxxx …. and as you can see from the photo above your envelope has been by my desk constantly since it arrived,  so that I can delve into it whenever I need the finishing touch for a card or something. THANK YOU!


tilly said...

What a kind thought and s auper card, it won't be in the box for long lol

Suze Bain said...

Gorgeous goodies and a lovely card. x

marc said...

peps are so kind to share the love as you are in sharing it with us what a fab RAK BIG LOVE MARC ps did i say love the card lol

Lynn Holland said...

I love getting surprise packages especially ones like yours, how wonderful and you hacpve such great ideas for your stuff.

Bee Manghi said...

What IS that house shaped shelf in the back ground? ! ?
It looks so coool! I love it! Where did you get it? plus your blog is a wonderful source of inspiration! love the royal crafts esp

Bee Manghi said...

wham! bam! love you {wo}man!

Bee Manghi said...

wham! bam! love you {wo}man!

Bee Manghi said...

wham! bam! love you {wo}man!

paperfunky said...

Aww im so glad you loved the bits and pieces!! I have just got back from an awful holiday and catching up on your blog and seeing this has really cheered me up!! Thank you Helen, for all your inspirational ideas!!
lots of love Meli xx