Sunday, 15 July 2012

Baby Jar Chandelier

Baby Jar Chandelier.As you know I love candles and night lights and this was an idea I had for Christmas last year but never seemed to have the time to put it all together …. so after my mahooosive craftroom tidy up I  gathered up all the bits I’d bought and decided to finally have a go……Baby jar ChandalierI had a circular cooking rack and one of a  pack of three hanging basket chains from Poundland plus some baby food jars given to me by a friend.
Baby Jar Chandalier.The chain fitted onto the cooling tray like a dream, balancing it was easy because the rack was divided into six equal parts.  The rack  also had six feet which is where I thought I could dangle the jars from.
Baby jar ChandelierTo hang the jars I simply tied a piece of rustic looking string round the top using another piece attached to both sides to form a hanger, I then tied the hanger onto a foot on the rack with yet another piece of string, nothing fancy, I wanted it to look makeshift and a bit rough.
Baby Jar Chandelier
Then on top of the rack I glued seven more jars using E6000 glue (as recommended by Marc) which is really, really strong when dry, six jars went round the edges and one in the middle ….. and that’s it … Fait accompli!!
Baby Jar CraftsI couldn’t believe it when it hung perfectly first time and I didn’t have to fiddle and fart about to get it to balance.
Chandelier made with baby jarsNow I know the idea works I can really let my imagination go wild ….. and really fancy things up if/when I make another ….. using wire instead of string ….. using a frosted glass spray on the jars ….. adding beads ….. the world is my really is my lobster!!


scrappyjen said...

That is an amazing thing! How do you think of these things? Have you seen the baby shower gifts which are popping up on the net at the moment? Things like baby sock bouquets and nappy cakes. I bet you could do something brilliant with those ideas. Jenx

ali said...

wish i had the sort of mind that
thinks of these things, it would be great for lighting up a bbq dont you think?

misteejay said...

Fab creation Helen - I can just imagine one of these all 'fiddle farted' for Christmas.

Toni xx

Toni said...

Helen, just how do you think of these ideas. It looks great and yes, I too can see a really pretty one hanging up for Christmas. So many possibilities!!
Toni xx

marc said...

wounderful make it will look nice all year round and this one you can dec to fit the occashion ie christmas easter birthdays halloween its a wfab make big love marc

Marie said...

Lovely creations!!!! I follow you and i'll be huppy if you follow me too. Hugs from Greece!

Dianne said...

Such a great idea; so inventive and creative...endless possibilities for your design ideas.... certain to look magical at night....Dianne

Radka said...

Very good! Well done :-)