Saturday, 14 July 2012

My Decopatch Table …..

Decopatch Table
I have finally finished my Decopatch kitchen table by covering and varnishing the two large and four small drawers.
Decopatch Table.
I then got carried away and Decopatch a stool to match.
I love it so much, I smile every time I go into the room.
The budgie isn’t real …. he just makes me smile too and sort of blends in with all the other colours!!
onn digital radio
I now have my beady eye on the radio on the side ..... but would that be overkill???


Di said...

Absolutely fantastic Helen - you could go into business girl! I'd do the radio too - but that's 'cos I'm so in love with the work you've already done. Purists might say no - I say do it :) Hugs. Di xx

Billy the Budgie made me do a double take at first!

Toni said...

Go for it Helen!!!Do the radio as well!! Absolutely fabulous!!
As I've said before, Decoupage is something I haven't tried before but I'm very tempted. Any hints and tips would be good, you are obviously an expert. Looks absolutely great.
Toni xx

Anj said...

go for it!! Can't wait to see results x x x

Mrs A. said...

If it stands still cover it!! That includes the budgie. Hugs Mrs A.

scrappyjen said...

Def do the radio! Love it! Very retro. Bright and positive. Jenx

Dianne said...

You can't help but smile when that table and stool are in sight.....They personify Happy and Fun Good Times to a T....The radio would make it a matched set! Love the budgie, he looks right at home....Dianne

Cheryl W. said...

That is the happiest table ever! I love it! Go for broke, Helen, grab that radio and work your magic!!

marc said...

i am with the gang above i love it it says hay day i am going to smile def do the radio it will bring it all together big love marc

Sue said...

Loving the table and stool. Thought for a moment you were going to do the budgie:)

Caroline said...

Fantastic love the table and stool. The colours are beautiful.

Caroline xxx

misteejay said... the radio.

The table and stool look fabulous Helen - bright and cheery and def smile triggering stuff.

Toni xx

Paula said...

WOW! Helen I re-read your post about the table only the other day when I was looking back for something else. Nice to see you have finished the drawers. I think the radio would look fab! I want one...! Good to see that your craft is keeping you going and smiling. x

crafty-mum said...

i love this table ans now feel extremely inspired! do you use any special glue to fix the paper to the table?

lonidan said...

I'm with the rest. Go for it girl!! Love the budgie. I am going to have to try so watch it Tony and Ben (him indoors and the dog!!) louise xx

Ali said...

They look great as for the radio...bring it on!!!

Pinkies Sparkly Creations said...

hiya im a new follower been sent over from crafty grannys crafty corner aka teresa.. and i must say OMG you are amazing i love all your work i will deffo be checking you blog daily emma xxx

Ros said...

Love your table and stool, I once did a small table but hid it away and never put it on show.
Here is a link to a super dresser
Love your blog and the monkeys.