Monday, 2 July 2012

Fluffy Bead Necklace

Please bear with me, this is just an experiment!
Picture 170
Whenever my friend Lisa and I go to the Hobby Crafts Show at the NEC Birmingham I always make one dodgy purchase,  and it’s taken me until now to admit what that purchase was …….. bags and bags of these fluffy beads that look like some sort of suckie sweet!  They were 50p a big bag and I bought them in every colour, what possessed me? …. Anyway I decided the other night that I would never use them and was putting them ready to give to a friend when I thought I would have a play, before saying goodbye to most of them ….
Furry beads
I cast my mind back to how they were presented on the stall, which was knotted on/and between  two lengths of thin coloured cord and this is what I came up with. 
Picture 172
I used a purple and a blue cord and threaded two or three on one colour, then the other and also on both at the same time, making a knot after each section  (if that makes sense).  To be honest it looks OK and I would wear it, but really the cords could have been a lot longer.  I knotted the two ends together, I didn’t think as this was my first attempt it was worth putting on a proper fastener.
I found this picture on Google and think that this was the sort of thing I was trying to do in my mind’s eye …. oh well back to the drawing board!


scrappyjen said...

I like it! I can see ear rings and bracelets. This would also look nice as a trim on a scrapbook page. Jenx

Caroline said...

I like it you could some how incorporate it into the layout of you card don't know where but it might be worth a try. Caroline xxx

ali said...

keep trying it will come right ali

Nikki D said...

I rather like this

Sue said...

Fab necklace.

Suze Bain said...

It's fun and funky! I love the colours and they could be used to decorate tops of boxes or as a trim as Jen suggests. xx

Toni said...

Helen, I'm sure you will perfect what you are trying to do. You can normally make something out of 'anything'. We are all awaiting further developments on this one, I'm sure. Pretty good start to the drawing board though.
Toni xx

marc said...

the beads are lovely they they are covered in flock and fell like velvet they make great stick pins and earrings etc and look expensive when you use silver colourer bead caps around them also look good on chain really rich colours to big love marc

Roni said...

I like it Helen! It reminds me of jelly tots! Yumm!!

Big hugs
Roni :O) xox