Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Seaside Treasures

As you may have gathered I am a bit of a beachcomber …. and when I come home I like to have the things I’ve found around me as a reminder not only of the lovely places I’ve been …. and also that there will be many happy holidays to come.
seaside treasure 3seaside treasures 1
These vases are on the glass shelves in my shower room, which is completely white except for a bit of chrome in the shower.
seaside treasures 2
All the small stones are from my favourite beach in Devon to which I’ve added bits of driftwood, shells, holey stones and dried seaweedy stuff, plus a few other bits I love like delicate glass balls, that remind me of bubbles, and old I Ching coins and thimbles for lost treasures …… I’m such an old romantic …….
seaside treasures
I’ve cheated with the star fish though, I’d never be so lucky as to find anything so beautiful and perfect on any beach I might comb, they were a present from my sister and I just love them.


scrappyjen said...

That is a beautiful arrangement. The seaside is my most favourite place to be - in any weather. I love starfish too. I like the idea that they can regrow broken bitsand survive and carry on. Reminds me of rock pooling on the north east coast when I was a child. Thanks for this. Jenx

Caroline said...

What a gorgeous arrangement love it. Caroline xxx

marc said...

very nice display simple but effect and it say what it is seaside in a jar fab big love marc

lonidan said...

Love these. Memories of happy times. We go to the coast a lot and coombe martin in devon is a favourite. i tend to pick up a pebble each time and have a basket of those. louise xx

tilly said...

lovely little arangements, I pick up shells and unusual stones and put them round the flower pots in the garden( mostly from North Wales beaches)Llandudno being me favorite lol

Toni said...

Lovely idea Helen.
Toni xx

Dianne said...

Really love these gorgeous arrangements...so beautiful and personal happy memories, too...couldn't be any better.....Dianne