Friday, 18 January 2013

Baby Girl Card

This card measures 18.5cms x 9.5cms and is made with a white linen effect card blank.
Baby Girl Card WholePortThe light in my craft room is shocking at the moment, I have just a bare bulb while I am waiting for it all to be redecorated, and taking pictures in the evening is nigh on impossible, so please bare with me.
WholePort Teddy BeadAs soon as I saw these wooden baby bear beads from WholePort  I immediately thought “…. washing line and a quick bit of doodling”,  but, I also couldn’t resist adding a pair of wibbly wobbly eyes as well!!
Flowery DoodleThere was not a lot to putting this card together at all, the bit that took the most fiddle farting was spacing the self adhesive letters out to fit the card blank,  but once that was done, the rest fell into place.


SueF said...

Love the doodled flower stems & leaves - the bear is gorgeous.

marc said...

the bear is fab and i love the bright things you have choosen cant wait to see what you come up with the rabbits are so sweet and i know you are a100% true to you and your word and will not give out false reviews your far to good for any of that thats why i would buy if you said it was good you always tell it as it is big love marc