Friday, 18 January 2013

Two Exciting Parcels From WholePort In One Day!

Wholeport ParcelI don’t think anyone could find fault with this careful packaging
There was much excitement last week, when, after a very long wait, my first order heralding the start of my sponsorship with WholePort finally arrived, it seems that after a very detailed search the parcel was traced back to customs control where its contents underwent a very thorough inspection!!!!!
Kawaii Nail Art WholePort  WholePort Kawaii Nail Art
As if this excitement wasn’t enough, my next scheduled order from WholePort arrived at the same day, this time without any further scrutiny from customs!
I agreed to the WholePort sponsorship scheme because I am able to choose what I would like each month … which means I can order a specific item for an idea I may have, rather than receive a box of random bits and pieces that I am not too sure what to do with or may not inspire me.  All WholePort ask is that I write a post about a few of the things that I make,  with links to the products used.
I have had no previous experience with the WholePort before, a company based in China, but I did receive this comment from follower Lynda who said:-
“With regards to WholePort - I have bought off them several times through Etsy - unfortunately they have now closed their Etsy store, don't know why. I purchased organza trimmings and 'vintage' type lace from them. They are really good to purchase from, very polite and although the goods are coming from China, I have received them within 2 weeks”
WholePort Masking Sticker SetWholePort Masking Sticker Set Pastel and Basic
All I can add is that the correspondence I have received over the past few months has been very, very thorough and detailed and the second parcel arrived within a week or so after my order was placed.
WholePort.WholePort Stickers - I think these cabochons will find their way onto my boudoir mirrors and the bunny stickers just scream Easter at me!
Postage and packing appears to be quite reasonable via China Post Air and you can pay through PayPal but as with ordering from any company it is at your own risk,  so please check everything carefully when placing an order.
Anyway, I think there is plenty here to get me thinking …. my first idea for a card using one of the wooden teddy embellishments follows this post.
Disclaimer: I have accepted a sponsorship from WholePort where I receive  free products each month with no incentive to offer a favourable review. The only compensation I receive is the use of the products that I review.  I have not been told what to write and the opinions are my solely own.


Sue said...

WOW! What a lovely lot of goodies.

Must admit I would be very wary of a company abroad, but it's nice to know others have used them and are happy.

Unknown said...

Good luck, they all look very yummy. I look forward to seeing what you will be creating.

lonidan said...

What a wonderful parcel. Just like Christmas all over again!!

I have bought before from china on ebay and although things occasionally take a while they have always arrived. louise xx