Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ladbroke Grove Sunset …..

Ladbroke Grove SunsetWhile I was staying with Marc last week there was the most wonderful sunset ….
Ladbroke Grove Sunset.… wonderful in fact that there was a real buzz of excitement and several people along with myself just stood and watched in awe and then tried to capture it’s beauty on their phones,  including one lovely lady who was so caught up in the moment that she gave a very excited running commentary to her sister on her mobile ….
Sunset Ladbrook GroveIt was such a magic moment.


marc said...

what great photos they would look fab framed or printed on a cushion/bag we often get lovely sun sets in the city those trees in the top pic are 90 years old they cut them right back in the autuman the branches look like hands with the fingers cut of all very scary and sad till spring comes and the fill out the trees in the bottom picture are pink and white cherry trees for 6 weeks of the year that road looks like it is lined with candy floss and when the wind blows it s like being at a wedding the air is full of petals its lovely
great pictures i will steal them to use in my serif big love marc

Sue said...

Fab photos.

tilly said...

I love sunsets, so beautiful, this must have been a magic moment

Suze Bain said...

Gorgeous pics. Xx