Sunday, 12 May 2013

Framed Jewelled Heart

This project has been in the making since Christmas when I asked for a deep box frame from Hobbycraft for an idea I had for my newly decorated “guest room”
Framed Jewelled Heart
I had made a friend a small jewelled heart on canvas a while back and always said that I would make myself another bigger version when I had the time ……  famous last words as that was at least three years ago!
The first thing I did was to cut the heart out in white card to fit the centre of the frame ……
….. which I then covered with all the clear, turquoise, green and pearl flat backed gems in various shapes that  I could muster …. I thought it would take forever but a couple of hours did it …. as I watched Emmerdale, Corrie and Grand Designs …..
Framed Jewelled Heart 1
I used Crafters Pick “The Ultimate” glue which I found dried pretty quickly, this in turn made me work pretty quick too!  The fiddle-farty bit was filling in some of the smaller gaps which were left when I had almost finished, I dropped seed beads into them after I gave up on tiny flat backed gems using a cotton bud as being just too fiddly, even for me!
Framed Jewelled Heart 2
To add a little more dimension to the heart in the frame I used foam sticky pads to stick it on to the background ….. and really that’s all there was to it …. simples!
I have a four more smaller box/shadow frames from Ikea to use up now, but as of yet haven’t had any other brain waves as to how to fill them …… but that, I expect, is only a matter of time!


sandy's crafty bits said...

wow how very clever that looks very interesting ... love the colours too ... well done ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

tilly said...

wow, that looks like a labour of love just for yourself! all those tiny gems.......well done

samantha cook said...

That is gorgeous! i keep meaning to get myself a boxframe and do a heart- i've seen one which uses small punched out butterflies to fill it which looks lovely

Sharon said...

That's very pretty!

Toni said...

This is so pretty Helen and what patience you have. Very worth it in the end though. I can't wait to see what you do with the other frames that you have. I have a couple of frames but cannot make my mind up what to do with them so looking for some inspiration and here it is. Well done.
Toni xx

marc said...

love it and so you big love marc