Saturday, 15 February 2014

Birthday Matches

This idea was a very, very disappointing, so it’s a case of going back to the drawing board and trying again.
Birthday Matches.My niece's 21st birthday is coming up and I thought it would be nice to have some special “birthday” matches with which to light the 21 candles on her cake.
Birthday MatchesI will admit to being really lazy and thought I could just suitably cover a matchbox I already had ….. using a piece of sparkly hologram paper and a bit of doodling ….. however covering the box was a lot more fiddly than I thought, and my doodling was a far cry from the “cute and magical” I had envisioned ….
So I am going to get out my Stampin’ Up Sizzix Matchbox die and approach the idea properly ….. but am I right in thinking that matches will strike on sand paper???


Cheryl W said...

I believe they will strike on sandpaper. Perhaps you could give it a try yourself with an extra match.

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Love the idea, and yes matches will light on sandpaper, or even on denium jeans/jacket!(not that I can do it that way though) Take care.

Anonymous said...

Most of the matches available nowadays are the safety ones and won't strike on sandpaper but I think the Swan Vestas ones will.

Den said...

Helen, could you just cut the striking paper from the originl box and add it to the new one? ELD xx

marc said...

I think garden pinks is right its swan vestas you need the red tip matches or go with den and use the side of a old box of safety matches but I like this idea of dressing up matches or even doing up pound shop refillable lighters using fimo or polymer clay they make great extra gifts to go with candles as lots of peps get candles but don't have matches or a lighter great idea we need to have a think about this big love marc