Saturday, 8 February 2014

Well Done Ed!

Over the past few weeks I have been corresponding with Ed, helping him with an article he wanted to write and then submit to InfoBarrel
After seeing my posts on covering tables, teapots etc. Ed had chosen to write about Decopatch and I tried to give him as much information and tips as I could. 
infoBarrel 1infoBarrel 2
He went about it by introducing his children to Decopatch, covering pebbles from the beach and turning them into creatures.  The boys loved it, look of concentration on the little fellas face and look at how he is expertly handling the stone and glue brush…….. pure magic!
Crafting with children is so important, it’s a special time that they will remember forever, where toys are often broken or quickly discarded for the next craze/interest, what they make will be put in pride of place and treasured for years to come.  Ed’s boys will always have the memory of their time on the beach spent looking for the “right”  pebbles, choosing their camouflage and union jack papers in the shop with dad, and then coming home to do the “making” …….. I don’t think anybody ever remembers “special” moments when playing a computer game!!
Anyway, Ed’s very first article was accepted, a mahoooosive well done Ed!  And I hope it heralds many more successful contributions, leading to perhaps other new ventures and sorties into YouTube and Blogging and hopefully crafting!!!!
Have a look, see what you think


Cheryl W said...

Please tell Ed that Cheryl in America read his article and enjoyed it very much. He's given me an idea for a craft project with my grandchildren. I loved that he highlighted your blog and some of your crafty talents, too, Helen!

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Well done to Ed, and you. Love the pebbles, they are both brilliant. Children love to craft, all of ours, and the granddaughters were given stubby pencils and paper almost as soon as they could sit up in a highchair and it went on from there. Finger paints followed. Very messy and great fun for all of us. Old clothes, or none at all- for the little ones, an old shower curtain on the floor and you have happy kids. They grow up not being afraid to have a go and to get dirty. Take care.

ed walker said...

Thank you Helen for featuring this on the blog.
This is the first time I've done anything like this, you were so helpful and encouraging (not to mention extremely patient!). Also thanks Cheryl and Mrs B for your comments, it's amazing to see that people have taken time to read the article! It's a great feeling.
Thankyou so much.

marc said...

great Article passed it on to my school and kinder garden teachers and child minder friends they all liked it very much big love marc