Saturday, 11 October 2014

Shopping in HobbyCraft And Other Shops With The Duchess

I am trying to keep to a tight budget ….. but sometimes things just slip into my basket!
HobbyCraft mini chocolate digestive tinchocolate digestive tin
Like this tin for keeping an emergency stash of chocolate digestives in, bought for the computer boffin at work as a thank you for always sorting out all my computer glitches  with a smile and a laugh.  When he said that chocolate digestives were the best biscuit in the world, this tin was a no brainer (£2 from HobbyCraft) and I filled it up for him!
Two packs of 12 wooden hearts (HobbyCraft reduced from £3 to £2.25), perfect for covering with Nordic Christmas patterned paper, a lick of varnish and a bow … as a quick Christmas tree fairing.
Hobby CRaft Advent HouseStill in HobbyCraft …… but this didn’t fall into my basket, priced at £15, I am praying that they will be included in a 3 for 2 offer nearer Christmas, then I might just pounce!
Packs of stickers for £1 each, no immediate plans for them, but I feel a couple of tags or cards are in the making.
Halloween stickers are of a premium this year, especially for someone like me who uses a lot of them for tags and boxes.  Love the spiders, but not so keen on the pack of ghosts that came with them.
The pack of 120 paper chains for £1 to use as an edging to a tag or card or as a band round a Halloween box also seemed like money well spent. The Halloween party bags (20 for £2) will also be useful for a very quick bit of  spooky nonsense …. I plan to fill them with sweets and then add an big orange ribbon and tag, perhaps also featuring a skeleton or two to keep with the theme.
You can’t have enough wiggly eyes at this time of year either and for a pack of this size for just 79p it’s a no brainer …..  from Home Bargains.
And finally …….. they have milk chocolate and butterscotch Elizabeth Shaw mints crisps in B M Bargains, I was reserved, I only got this one box ….. but these are always a staple for my Halloween and Christmas crafts (£1.99)


Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. I love the chocolate biscuit tin. I bet your friend loved it too : ) I spent a while in Hobbycraft with my daughter Gemma last weekend just looking at what is around this year and we both felt that some of their prices are coming down, and they have some really good bits and bobs. I did buy two rolls of bakers twine, one red/white and one green/white. 27 mt on each roll for a £1 was a real bargain, and I will be using it on my Christmas cards this year! Did you seen the Reindeer Advent version of the house shaped one? Gemma feel in love with it but I picked up 5 tree shaped ones from Tesco in the sale in Jan for a £1 each so have to decorate those this year. I think she will get one if they drop the price for me to do for her ready for next year though! Are you planning on making one for Iris? She may be too young for the chocs this year but she will love looking at it and I'm sure her Mum or Dad will manage to eat the chocs for her : )
Have fun with all of your goodies, as always I am looking forward to seeing what you make with them all : ) Take care.

Frankie Carson said...

I think the prices are coming down aswell, they used to be so! Expensive but now you can get quite good deals! I got 50 sheets of tissue paper for £2 which is good becuase I gift wrap everything I sell! C

Cheryl W said...

Wish I could put you in my purse and take you shopping with me. You find the best bargains and see so much possibility in ordinary things!

marc said...

great buys love them all big love marc