Friday, 10 October 2014

Silhouette Studio Crashing On Start Up

It’s been almost two weeks now since I discovered that I couldn’t open my Sihouette Studio programme.  I know I under use my Silhouette cutter, but it’s always there in the background, well so I thought.
I must have spent two hours a day trying to sort it out installing and uninstalling ……. and exchanging many e-mails with Silhouette  but my need for a quick answer wasn’t helped by the UK & US time difference  ….. but I have to admit I was dogged in my demand for a solution …… and yesterday I finally got it and my problem is now sorted …..  and I thought I would post it here just in case anyone else ever has the same problem…….
“Your comments would indicate there is a library corruption. To resolve this concern, please begin by attempting to Reindex the library by doing the following:
  1. Go to the File menu (PC) or Silhouette Studio menu (Mac)
  2. Select Preferences > Advanced
  3. Select the Reindex My Library option
If continued concerns are met, the library can be reset in one of the following ways:
NOTE: This action will completely remove the entire library, including all user-created content that have been saved into the library and the library structure. You may wish to first back up any user-created images prior to deleting this folder by opening them and saving them as a STUDIO file on the computer or removable memory drive (such as a USB flash drive).
Preferences Option
  1. Open the Silhouette Studio® software program
  2. Go to the File menu (PC) or Silhouette Studio menu (Mac)
  3. Go to Preferences > Advanced
  4. Select the Reset Library option
  5. Recover the library for download content as directed at
Manual Reset Option
  1. Close the Silhouette Studio® software program
  2. Navigate to the following location:
  • Mac: Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > com.aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio.8
  • Windows XP: C: > Documents and Settings > All Users > Application Data > com.aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio.8
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8: C: > Program Data > com.aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio.8
NOTE: If the above folder cannot be found on Mac, you may press SHIFT + CMD + G which reveals a small window where you can type the name of a folder to locate it. If the above folder cannot be found on Windows XP, go to your Control Panel to select "Files & Folders" to select the View tab and select Show hidden folders. If the above folder cannot be found on a Windows Vista, 7, or 8, go to the Control Panel to search for the term "Hidden Folder" in order to select the option to Show hidden folders.
  1. Delete the folder com.aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio.8 with all of its sub-content
  2. Recover the library for download content as directed at
Phew!! And thank you Silhouette!


Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. I am glad that you have finally sorted the problem out, looking at this I am sort of glad that I don't have a Silhouette to go wrong as I am not good, or patient, when computers etc. go wrong : )
Have just caught up on your last few posts, the bed was a real bargain! Iris will love it when she is a little bigger. I love the Halloween boxes, the spiders are great aren't they.
Have a good weekend. Take care.

b nice said...

hi Helen

thanks for posting this! not sure which version you're using of Silhouette? I'm still using version 2 Designer edition (on a Mac) and just wanted to say every time i use Silhouette I always have to reindex my library in order to find all my files ..:(


Linn said...

Thank you so so much for this! I have been trying all kinds of things to get my Designer Edition to stop crashing or just freezing. This was just the "medicine" my program needed. You saved me so much frustration right now, you have no idea. I could seriously hug you right now ♥♥♥ Now I will get my Christmascards ready in time, thank you thank you!! Have a nice holiday ♥

The Sugar Garden Studio said...

I can't thank you enough for the directions on rescuing the Silhouette software. I had written to Silhouette 4 times, called them 4 times and even posted my problem on their facebook page. I never got an answer. With your advise the problem was fixed in a few minutes. I don't save much to the library so it was no problem to save those few design to the hard drive and reset the library. V3 installed in 10 seconds and I am good to go.

MikeT said...

Just want to thank you for sharing your information. I'm running Windows 7Pro 64bit with Silhouette Studio v3 along with COREL 7. My computer was crashing into the BSOD (blue screen of death) whenever I launched anything to do with Silhouette. Deleting "com.aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio.8" did the trick. Thanks again.

stefy said...

Dear Helen,
I have just read your post about the subject matter but unfortunately I have not resolved the problem.
I am Italian and maybe I am not able to explain in the best way my problem but I will try.
I have used the Silhouette Studio software - version 2.9 - many many times.
Some weeks ago I downloaded the update version (3.3) but when I try to open it there is an appcrash error.
So, the first question is: how can I go to the file menu to reindex the library if I am not able to open the programme?
Unfortunately if the programme does not open, it is impossible for me to do all the actions you mentioned in your post.
I am desperate because I cannot use the Silhoette programme and do the things I used to do with it!
I have sent an e-mail to Silhouette support but they told me to read the FAQ section of Silhouette web site and I did not resolved the problem.
Maybe you are my last chance to try to solve it.
I hope you are able to give me some good directions.
In any case, many thanks in advance.
Have a good day and sorry for my English!


Ann from England said...

Stefania, you articulate precisely what was on my mind. How on earth can you get into the file menu if you can't get the app to stay open for more than a microsecond?

I already solved this just before Christmas once and I wish I had written down what I did because it seems a pretty big step to throw away all my designs in the manual method you describe, just so I can see if it solves my problem and start using Silhouette again. Supposing it doesn't? And if I hide it somewhere, I wonder whether I might be able to bring back the files a few at a time until I find one that brings back the problem?

I suppose it's the only way or I will lose the downloads I've paid for in this month's subscription.

Really I'm very grateful you posted this to stop us floundering in the dark, but I sure hope it works!

Ann from England said...

Update on what I just wrote: I removed the folder you mention and put it in an external hard drive. The app still quit on startup. Then I removed all three Silhouette folders from that location and placed them in the same place, removing the originals to the bin and emptying it.
Now my new Silhouette Studio (the Designer Plus version which i just forked out for, thinking a new version would clean up any corruption and make it work properly, sprang into action and asked me if I wanted to open an app that had been downloaded from the internet. I put in my administrator password.
Then it asked me if I would allow it to create new programme folders. I concurred and put in my administrator password again. Again my software eagerly sprang into action and then…
…tripped over its nose again and quit. Every time I pressed 'Reopen' after that brought the old response: instant quit, over and over again.
So glad I didn't throw away my old Silhouette folders as it would appear it was something else that caused it.
Maybe it was installing El Capitan that solved it last time. If that was it, unfortunately there will be no quick fix does that road this time.

Nat Ryles said...


I just wanted to add that I have discovered that the Silhouette software is incredibly picky about various graphics card setups and software.
I have had 2 machines refuse to run Silhouette Studio and this was down to graphics card issues.

1: was a dual screen setup on my laptop, it didnt like it and when I disabled the second screen Silhouette Studio started working.

2: was a piece of graphics software called PlaysTV on my gaming machine, again Silhouete Studio didnt like it and when I disabled PlaysTV Silhouette Studio worked perfectly.

Andreea DiyCraftyScraps said...

I'm in the middle of a nervous breakdown, I really hope you can help me out. I just updated to the last version as I kept getting errors today in my Silhouette Studio. I updated the library and it imported a library that I had saved a year ago, but can't find any file since that time until the present time. I don't know where to search them, my business and my job depend on the Silhouette Studio, I have orders to fulfill for Monday and I can't find the files that I had created over the past months. Do you have any idea of how I can find those files, please? Thx so much!

helenggg58 said...

Hi Andreea, I am soooooo sorry you are having problems. I am also sorry I can't help you. The post was written over 2 years ago and since sorting out the problem I have not used my Silhouette and if there have been anymore updates have no added them. All I can suggest is follow other comments people have kindly added.
All I can suggest is that you contact Silhouette themselves - and be persistent. I had several answers that didn't work (or make sense) so I kept on asking (more than one person) until someone picked up my e-mail and sent a reply and fix that actually worked.
I feel awful that I no longer use my machine, I really ought to get to grips with it, but I find that I am so out of touch with it, I just end up getting very cross!!

Cindy McKnight said...

I've just given up on the sihlouette design studio software, I've tried everything to get it to work and FAIL each time. I already had SCAL2 for my cricut so I just paid the 19.99 to upgrade it to SCAL4 to use it on my sihlouette cameo and it works like a dream first time out, same features and all, I'll just stick with it. If anyone needs one of the SCAL (Sure Cuts Alot) I purchased mine on