Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Following On ……Fiona Says …..

Following on from my excitement on finding Mason Jars in PoundWorld Fiona sent me this e-mail and photos ……
Christmas Mason Jars..Christmas Mason Jars
“Just seen your post about the mason jars, it is a big thing in America, all my relatives use them, I was soo excited when I saw them in Poundworld and just thought I would let you see what I did with them, they are filled with hot chocolate fixings”
Now there’s an idea …… not sure where Fiona’s Santa hat’s have come from, or if she’s made them …….  but I am wondering if the wine bottle toppers I have seen in Poundland might work?


tilly said...

love your little Robbin cards and these jars are great, could be filled for any occasion

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. What a lovely idea from Fiona. The 99p shop has some Santa hats hair decorations that may fit. Take care.

marc said...

fab love them big love marc