Tuesday, 25 November 2014

When The Red, Red Robin Christmas Card

This card measures 6ins x 6ins and is made using a hand cut blank of PaperCellar Christmas patterned card.
When I last went down to London, I was under strict instructions to bring Marc ten packets of these Paperchase robin stickers (£1) with me, and can you believe it, he still needed another five, as he has sixty robins on a branch cards to make for his partners sisters school!
And, the idea for this card came from one of our sessions when we just throw ideas at each other for hours on end ….. needless to say, this was one of Marc’s ideas, which I think is genius ….. and so simple!  All I had to do was find an image of the sheet music for “When the Red, Red Robin….”  that just had the words “When the red, red robin, comes bob, bob bobbin along!” on the first line,  I thought it might be a nightmare, but I hit gold almost first time.
I then had to copy, paste and print the image to fit a 6ins x 6ins card, and then mat and layered it on silver mirror card …… before finally adding the robins, with a tiny bit of doodling to indicate that they were bob, bob, bobbin!.
It’s an idea I think could be developed further ….. and fortunately I have got a couple of spare packs of robins to work with, even if it’s after Christmas. These robins have so much potential!
This Christmas, like Halloween has been a poor year for “good” stickers, my staple for cards etc. …… I know I could stamp …… but you know me, I am such a lazy crafter!!!!


Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. I love all of these gorgeous robin projects but I can't find any in my local Paperchase : ( I am now looking everywhere else for some very similar, which is going to be hard as I love the different directions etc. that these are in! Take care.

Cheryl W said...

You're right! This was a great idea for those little robins. Kudos to Marc!

marc said...

its always a team thing when helen and i craft we bounce ideas of each other ten to the dozen and then change them again and again lol what do they say great minds think alike and fools seldom differ lol big love one of the great minds lol