Friday, 2 January 2015

Iris’s Dressing Up Box

This is what I “made” for Baby Iris for Christmas ……… it’s her dressing up box.
There’s a lot of history to this very simple box.  It was originally Andy’s fishing tackle box which he made for himself for when he went fishing, the children were little and we didn’t have a lot of money. 
And when we had a little more money Andy was able to buy a “proper” tackle box …… and then, his old box was painted different colours as it became a toy box, and later a dressing up box, until finally it was put up in the attic, abandoned as the children had grown up.
Then Lu said a couple of months ago, that we should get it down and “do it up” for Iris for her dressing up box………. as dressing up was always very much part of Tom and Lucy’s childhood with many many happy memories associated with it …… when they used to go to the village jumble sale on a Wednesday night with a bag of pennies, using their imaginations to buy “dressing up clothes”.
So, one Sunday night, just before Christmas, I finally got my act together and cut out all the squares and flowers from my My Mind’s Eye, Stella and Rose, 12” x 12” designer paper pad (that book now owes me nothing, as I have used it on so many projects) and got gluing ….. followed by coat after coat of clear, quick drying varnish while perched upside down on the table, in the kitchen utility!
But, I left the inside red, left untouched just as Andy had painted it.Iris may never know her Granddad Andy, but I know he will always, always be with her.  I am hoping that this box will follow her through her life, in different guises as she grows up ……. I would like to think that when the time comes for her to go to university it will be used as one of her trunks to transport all her gear ……. and if it ever needs a little tender loving attention, someone will always be on hand to repair it ….. and make it better, if not me.


Cheryl W said...

Wow! It's spectacular. Iris is a lucky little girl to have such a crafty, caring grandmum!

Di said...

What a lovely idea! Andy would so approve and Baby Iris is bound to treasure her dressing up box in years to come.


Di xx

Di said...

Got the giggles here. Just thought - was it you or the box perched upside down in the kitchen utility? :-)


Di xx

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Once again I love what you have done to keep family things in use. Some people would go and buy a new box but this one is priceless and it looks wonderful (tears flowed when you said that you have left the inside as Andy made it, that is perfect) Iris is a very lucky girl to have inherited such a special item : ) Take care.

KraftyKaren said...

That is so lovely and I am sure she will have much happiness playing with all the wonderful stuff that I am sure will end up in the box

Judith said...

I love what you have done with that box, Iris is a lucky little girl.

Mrs A. said...

Is that the boys I see having a well earned rest from all that gluing and sticking. Fabulous remake. Hugs Mrs A.

SueF said...

What a fantastic idea, and full of wonderful memories for the whole family

Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Helen, there could not be a more perfect gift for Iris.....past memories and future memories to be with Iris her whole life.... Dianne

marc said...

i love this and am already collecting fabulous artefacts for it you need to write the story of it down and laminate it and glue it in side so its there for ever and she will always know its so much more than a box it is a real treasure box made with love just big love marc