Saturday, 3 January 2015

Ninja Turtle Christmas Tree Baubles

This is not my idea, I just copied it ……. my friend Sarah and I were Googling “Ninja Turtle Craft Ideas” just before Christmas and all of a sudden a Ninja Turtle baubles appeared on our screen and when Sarah saw them she was desperate for a set for her little boy Jacob for the Christmas Tree in his bedroom, and as I love Jacob (and Sarah) soooooo much, how could I deny them?????
But first I had to find some green baubles …… and have you ever looked purposefully for green baubles? OMG!!!!  Let’s just say that in the end Argos was my saviour, after I had scoured Wolverhampton from top to bottom.
I walked in to said Argos, and there was one very battered box on the shelf, but they were mine ….. £3.99 for 48 ….. for me the 12 green ones were worth that alone, but then I noticed that there were two broken ones (not green ones though) and when I ask if there were anymore the gentleman said they were the last box but said would I buy them if he knocked another pound off ……. erm … yes ….. £2.99????? Bargaintastic!!!
So baubles were impossibly easy to make, using a black Sharpie pen to draw the mouth, scraps of ribbon left over from Tom and Laura’s wedding, stuck on with double sided tape ….. and googly eyes.
Needless to say Jacob was thrilled and his Ninjas hung on his bedroom Christmas tree all over the holiday.
I have another eight green baubles left to make another two sets of Ninjas, but what do I do with the others? More tomorrow ………..


KraftyKaren said...

How fantastic are those!!!!!! Look forward to seeing what you did with the otheres. I bet next Christmas when you don't want green one's they will be all that you can find!!

Anonymous said...

how lucky to find the perfect Ninja Turtles green! They look just like them and you know there was one happy little boy!..Dianne

Cheryl W said...

You. Are. Brilliant!

SueF said...

What a fantastic idea, and they look brilliant


Pamela said...

I love these. My niece also found them online and posted about them on her brother's Facebook. He then made 4 for his own son to put on their tree.

marc said...

how fab are those great easy make big love marc