Monday, 20 April 2015

A Fair Exchange

I had an e-mail from Karen, an adoptee of two of my monkeys (when I did adoptions), asking if I could make her some badges using my Bandai badge maker.IMG_0002She wanted something to not only lift her own spirits, but those of her fellow patients and nurses through gruelling dialysis sessions ….. Well, it was an absolute pleasure, and she did me a huge favour as she finally got me off my bum to buy a new printer, as mine had decided to play up something rotten, and to be honest, it was cheaper to buy a completely new printer than an expensive set of new ink, which I suspected would be rejected anyway.
Once the badges were posted I received some more lovely e-mails from Karen telling me how well the badges had gone down and this gorgeous “Thank You” card, which I especially love as I think it will be how Iris will look when she is a little older with Jupiter, Tom and The Lovely Laura’s cat!


Cheryl W said...

Sounds like you had a good time producing these badges. They're great and brought lot of smiles, I'm sure!

marc said...

great badges and i know from experience little gestures of kindness and a touch of fun can help brighten a hospital day
and the thankyou card is very sweet great colouring big love marc

SueF said...

Took me a moment for the penny to drop - what a fantastic idea, and a beautiful card


Karen said...

Hi!! Thank you SO much for helping me with these badges. I just knew you were the right person who has the skills and talent to help me make my fellow 'dialysees' smile. They're still talking about them now and they certainly raised lots of smiles! Thanks again for your kind help, and if I can help you in any way, please just let me know. Love, Karen xx