Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas Crafting With Iris

It goes without saying that Iris and I have been doing a bit of Christmas crafting! I had some small canvases that really needed to be used …… so I thought that if Iris painted them, they would make a lovely Christmas present for doting Grannies, Granddads, Aunties and Uncles etc……
IMG_6621……. needless to say she was a natural and needed very little encouragement to seek out her inner creative spirit …….
tasting….. which did involve just a tiny bit of tasting!!!
Copy of IMG_6634…….. however, I am not going to talk about the cleaning up, let’s just say, that in the end, a bath was involved and quite a bit of scrubbing!!!!
iris rooWe then, as “collaborative artists” decided, a couple of weeks later, to go for a mixed media, with festive influences approach to said canvases ……. this involved sequins …….
iris roo.……. and …….. an awful lot of experimentation with glue …… followed by yet another bath!!!  Happy Happy Happy Happy Days!!


Cheryl W said...

O.M.G. She is sooooooooooo cute!! And you are the best grandma EVER!

Silvia said...

The "fiddle fart" gene is there!!! Life just doesn't get better than times like this, right?? Iris is one lucky little girl and such a blessing for YOU!!
Thank you for sharing her with us, you have brought a smile to my face and heart!
(from Kansas!!)

Susan said...

This one's a dead cert nomination for 2016 Turner Prize! Fantabulous!

marc said...

thats our girl she is going to make us rich one day lol big love aunty marc

Roni said...

Awwww see this just makes my heart sing!! You are very blessed Helen! I am always too busy working to spend some crafty fun with my grand babies (Alfie 3 & Eilidh 4) and come the weekend it's cleaning and shopping!! But life is too short so who cares if the washing up needs done, do what makes you happy!! That's it, grand babies are coming to grans at weekend and we are going to have some crafty fun! That is as long as Alfie doesn't destroy everything before we get the chance, he's just a typical wee boy, into everything! Lol!!

Enjoy Helen, such happy times!

Big hugs
Roni :D xox

Roni said...

Ps she is simply gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

Big hugs
Roni :D xox