Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Tree In A Bottle Revisited

I decided to try and sell the last few remaining Christmas Trees in bottles that I had left over from last year on e-bay …. they all sold, with requests for more, so, although I didn’t intend to make them again, I relented ……
IMG_7102…….. well, a few extra pennies are always welcome … and it used up all the remaining trees and bottles I had, so more, profitable, stash busting.
IMG_7064I originally had to get the trees from Etsy from America (they are by Darice), but I still needed to add a little white paint and translucent micro glitter as they just came green and I also had to change the stands/bottoms for beads as the original fitting was too large to go through the top of the bottle.
IMG_7067They are admittedly very fiddly, hence my reluctance to revisit the project …….
The fiddliest part, for me, unbelievably, was adding the bead and the thread to the top ring …… goodness knows why, but it nearly drove me to distraction!


marc said...

these are great and every one who sees them in real life wants one great for your tree or as a tag or to wear glad you have put a link to your ebay as you have some nice craft bargains big love marc

Roni said...

I loved these first time around! I don't kno if I will manage to be able to buy them this time around, if there is any left? But once I'm done here I will head over! Fingers crossed!! Great work Helen I always love your mini makes!!

Big hugs
Roni :D xox

Cheryl W said...

I remember when you blogged about these last year. They are so precious - like the magic of Christmas in a bottle!