Monday, 19 December 2016

Santa Tags For Iris’s Sweetie Bags.

Well, you can’t give a sweetie bag without a tag, can you?
Santa TagsI have to admit that I am not that keen on the wooden Santa’s, but as they were only 50p for a bag of about ten (I think) they owe me nothing.  Perhaps a little white or translucent glitter on their beards, hat and coat trimming could juzzz them up, and the parcel could be coloured in carefully with a Sharpie pen, but, on this occasion, time was of the essence!
IMG_9562The tags were cut from a scrap of Kraft card, I just added some snow and a dimensional snowflake sticker (Lidl 99p pack of 30 assorted sizes) and a bit of doodling, using a white gel pen and a black fine liner. I then got a little unnecessary and added a few tiny clear flat back gems on the doodled snowflakes!
IMG_9594Next it was Iris’s turn to put her name on the back of them, with slightly cakey fingers, bless her.
Then, I can’t believe it, I was so wrapped up in the moment I completely forgot to take any pictures of the finished sweetie bags, doh!
IMG_9602…… so, you’ll have to use your imaginations when I say that I simply tied the tag to the top of the bag and then tied a Christmas green bow over it to hid the thread.


Cheryl W said...

The mints are gorgeous, the tags are gorgeous, so I KNOW the completed packages were gorgeous, too. Iris is a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful and creative grandma!!

PharmacyMichele said...

The tags look lovely. Iris looks deep in concentration with her crayon in her hand.


tilly said...

I can see you will be Iris's favorite grandma with all your crafty makes lol...tags are fab with your bargin santa's

marc said...

they look great and the little angel writing her name made them even more special big love marc

misteejay said...

Cute tags Helen and Iris looks like she was enjoying herself.
Toni xx