Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Santa’s Special Christmas Penny Mix Bags

I made a few Santa Penny Mix bags as little fairing gifts for friend’s children. When I was at work I made so many of these for all occasions and they always sold like hot cakes.

Santa's Sweet Treat Favour BagsTo be honest, there’s not an awful lot to them.  I just collected an assortment of chocolate santas, snowmen, coins, tokens and candy canes on my travels to put in the bags ……..

Santa Tag using Sticker. Santa Treat Bag TagReverse of Santa Tag

……… and then made tags using up odd scraps of Kraft card and decorating with little festive scene with Santa stickers found in Poundland.

Santa's Sweet Treat BagThe tag was then tied on to the bags and a green ribbon added, that’s it!

Since I started going to Slimming World, I have been eating a awful lot of satsumas and clementines and as a by product have also been saving the small wooden crates they come in.  Hopefully I will be selling a few of my bits and pieces in Moo Moos, my Evesham café of choice,  in the New Year and “tarted” up, I think the crates will be a cheap but effective storage and display unit to put them in.


Cheryl W said...

The bags and tags are cute as can be, and the wooden crates are a great display idea. I never throw them away. I use them to store crafting and sewing supplies.

PharmacyMichele said...

This is a wonderful idea-one I might use for my next craft fair (if that's OK?).


tilly said...

lovey, I have been making Christmas matchbox favors for Christmas lunch, love your box, a friend mentioned these but I have been unable to find any