Thursday, 9 February 2017

Little Wooden House In The Snow Christmas Card

Well ……. goodness only knows where the original post for this card has disappeared to, and I really can’t face writing it all over again, so hopefully a couple of pictures will tell the story for me.  The card measures 4ins x 4ins and uses a white linen effect, hand cut card blank as its base.Little House Christmas CardOriginally I wasn’t 100% happy with this card and my intention was to experiment using Kraft card instead and perhaps adding colour and glitter.
wooden house embellishments in trayWooden houses came from e-bay :-


Pamela said...

It was here at some point because I read it LOL!

Sue said...

Aha! It was odd that the original post went missing - just glad it wasn't me losing the plot (again)! Anyway I get the picture now, so to speak. I think the crisp clean look of this one has the edge over 'Mark 2', but only slightly.

misteejay said...

Lovely card Helen.
Toni xx