Thursday, 15 June 2017

Guest Crafter – My Auntie Beth

My Auntie Beth in Bude discovered Adult Colouring Books about a year ago ……. but what do you do with all those coloured pages?
BETHThe answer’s simple …… decoupage with them, with stunning results!  I absolutely LOVE her bowl, and am now desperate to have a go myself. I believe she uses gel pens to colour with, which, I believe, shouldn’t run when glued or varnished over.Tea RoomI also love the cutlery holders ……. what a brilliant idea for recycling and no two ever the same.
colouring in cutlery holders
I know that they have gone down a storm at the family cafe in Bude, The Lock Gates Tea Room.  I asked if any had been nicked (as I would have), but she said, that as of yet, not!
Lock Gates Tea Room


Linny said...

What a brilliant idea! Well done auntie.

Cheryl W said...

I see craftiness runs in your family! The coloring page creations are just gorgeous.

marc said...

those are fab well done you love them all and heres a link to some gel pens big love marc