Saturday, 17 June 2017

Revised - Little Craft Stick Robin Tree Decorations

Another revised project today. When I first posted these robin tree decorations I said that they need something else, but I didn’t know what …….
Robin Christmas Tree Decorations 1I thought about adding a coordinating ribbon, which I tried, but they all looked a little crowded and too much …….
Craft Stick Robin Christmas Tree DecorationsSo, in the end I added a few clear and red flat backed gems, I think they add a little something, after all, if you can’t over-bling at Christmas when can you?
Craft STick Robin Christmas Tree DecorationHowever, I am still a little unsure, I am wondering now if less was really more in the first place, the glue is well and truly stuck on these guys, but I can’t guarantee three more won’t make an appearance after a little more thought and fiddle fart, as I have a feeling that they will continue to nag at me until I get it right.


Cheryl W said...

These are super cute, and I think you "got it right" this time. I like the gems on them.

tilly said...

I like the little gems for Christmas...why not ?? lol...and well done auntie Beth

Pamela said...

I missed these the first time around but agree they did need 'something'. Now I think they're perfect and don't need anything else to be added.

Anonymous said...

Hello, both ideas are lovely, maybe something between the two would be a good compromise, one red gem in each corner maybe? Whatever you decide, both fab and great to see how your ideas develop. Happy weekend X

Di said...

Now I'm gonna just confuse the issue Helen! I love both versions! The ones without the gems looks quite rustic and perfect for decorating in a country style. The ones with the bling look so sparkly and would pick up the glimmer of tree lights etc. I think it depends on which situation they're used in.


Unhelpful of Hampshire - snort :) xx

marc said...

well i love them i think the gems work big love marc