Thursday, 13 July 2017

Craft Stick Jewelled Christmas Tag Charms

By rights these jewelled tag charms should have ended up in the bin on the day I started them, but the more time I invested in them the more loathe I was to give up on them, hoping against hope that these sows ears would somehow end up as silk purses, put simply, …….they did not!
IMG_2715They started out as small craft stick, measuring 7cms in length, glued together to make a snowflake shape.
……. but as soon as I started sticking the gems on the first side I knew they spelled disaster, as they just didn’t seem to want to stick, and the more glue I added the gungier everything became.  But, not to be beaten, I added a small pendant bail fitting, before adding gems to the second side. so that they could be hung or tied.
And after that,  I just kept mithering with them, with gems not lying or fitting right until I finally gave up, deciding not to fill any of the small gaps with smaller gems but let the stick/wood show through.  I added a narrow, red ribbon to each, and although these were intended to be Christmas tree decorations I think, if they stay stuck until then,  I will use them as charms on my plain, Kraft paper wrapped presents this year.
jewelled parcel tag charm ajewelled parcel tag charm
I’m done with them!!!!


Cheryl W said...

They may not be your greatest work, but I think they will be charming and festive on packages.

Di said...

I agree with Cheryl - they will look great on packages. I also bet folk will keep them to hang on their trees! And, I think you're too hard on yourself Helen!


Di xx

marc said...

they will work in that folk art sort of way may be next time paint sticks first in gold or silver big love marc

tilly said...

more rustic with sticks peeping through, but love them as charms

Pamela said...

I prefer the silver ones and the round gems. Like Marc I would suggest colouring the sticks first then you wouldn't see the wood. I think they're cute!

Roni said...

I like the red square one!! You are too hard on yourself Helen! Very nice, I'd hang them on my tree if I got it on my pressie!

Big hugs
Roni :D xox