Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Halloween Satsumas/Clementines

This was not my idea at all, I found it on Pintrest and it was just too brilliant not to have a go at ……. all I did was draw the faces using a Sharpie pen on a clementine/satsuma, I don’t have a clue how to tell them apart! It took seconds.
Halloween SatsumasIris Roo will definitely be finding a couple in her lunch box this Halloween, anything that gets little ones to eat their fruit has to be a good idea!


Cheryl W said...

This is a fantastic idea! My grandkids will love this. In fact, I just bought some clementines today.

marc said...

fab and fun and so easy to do great for trick a treat to big love marc

marc said...

Just Caught up on all the posts as you know i have been busy what with tower block fire and Manchester show just want to say love all the makes the book plate and slides are fab you rock must see you soon big love always marc

Roni said...

Great idea and that's why we pin so we can use the ideas and pass them on!!

Big hugs
Roni :D xox