Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Car-Booting With Marc and Rick at Ketch.

I’ve just got back from a lovely long weekend with Marc and Rick at their Worcester Cottage and on Sunday we decided to go to a Car Boot Sale at Ketch, something I haven’t done with Marc for quite a while, so it was a really, really happy occasion, as Marc and I can mooch for England!
IMG_4190Last week Marc and Rick were buying up all the cut glass they could find for a Mad Hatters Tea Party Rick was working on. I need to get some photos of the end result as Marc put together some fantastic ideas that I am sure you would really love to see.
IMG_4302Needless to say, we found some bargains, I am absolutely desperate for old, wooden, straight sided dominoes as they are getting harder and harder to find, at a reasonable price to craft with, they seem to be getting thinner and often the corners are cut at an angle.  This set cost me 50p and are perfect!
IMG_4297Marc bought me the Gingerbread tin for 50p, which will grace one of my festive shelf displays at Christmas.  The gingerbread house cookie set was £1, I was so chuffed when I found it.  I need to find a good salt dough recipe and then experiment a bit.  I think the house may be a little too big for a Christmas tree decoration but I am sure I can adapt it to hang on a wall or as a centre piece on a door wreath.
IMG_4300These enamel effect stars had to be my bargain of the morning at just £2 for all nine! They are gorgeous, I might change the gold hanging thread for a matching narrow ribbon, but these will make beautiful parcel charms on a plainly wrapped parcel  again at Christmas.
I brought very few ribbons with me from Wolverhampton to Evesham, and occasionally miss having a big box full to trawl through to finish off a project, there are plenty of assorted 1m lengths in this bundle which I am sure will come in very useful, for sweetie bags or bow on hair clips for Iris.  The heads were a “Marc find” for 50p for angels (????), along with some conical shaped beads, which I might have an idea for already.
Another buy from Marc above, well at 20p for the charms and bubble caps it would have been rude not to buy them.  I have some Day of the Dead cabochons that I think might fit very nicely in them and I also think I have some key ring fittings somewhere, so watch this space.
I also managed to find a little bit of Sylvanian Families furniture to put away for Iris, sadly I missed out on a Sylvanian Family Camper van full of extra bits when I dawdled and said I’d think about it, needless to say it had gone when I went back, lesson learned!!  Rick bought quite a few plants, and Marc made several jewellery purchases of brooches and a necklace, for silly money, as well as two ex-restaurant kitchen cast iron frying pans, again for silly money, 50p each, but perfect for alfresco eating back at the cottage …… oh and Marc and I also both bought some very posh ex W H Smith gift wrap, 12 sheets for £1 which I would have been far too tight to buy at the proper price!  Happy Days!


Cheryl W said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. I'm really looking forward to your creations with all these incredible finds.

PharmacyMichele said...

WOW-bargains galore. You must be the best bargain hunters between you all. Have you tried making calendars using CD cases-try Pinterest for ideas.


tilly said...

what a haul you got there.... lots of projects to keep you busy lol

Pamela said...

Great finds! The boot sales here ask ridiculous prices.

marc said...

had a fab time if your ever up that way its a big car boot sale with really cheap items we brought lovely crystal vases and cake stands china and cut glass bowls some boxs of odd china cups and saucers were £2 and a nothing cut glass or crystal was over £1 it was funny going with out having a project in mind next few weeks it will be all wicker baskets for ricks sister to plant hyphens and daffs in for the school christmas fair big love marc ps Helen forgot to mention the 20 veggie samosas i brought the man makes the best around and amazing currys he sells from his ultra sparkling clean catering van he has won awards for his currys they are to die for