Thursday, 17 August 2017

Day Of The Dead Key Rings

After a long weekend with Marc, where on earth do you start with a head banging full of ideas and inspiration?
Day of The Dead Skull KeyringsIn the end I decided to go for using the 1” diameter metal charms Marc bought me for just 20p, as I already had a pretty good idea what I could do with them, nothing taxing, just something very simple.
IMG_4336I had a pack of skull cabochons from The Works and some keying fittings that I think Marc also gave me at the start of our friendship, all was going as planned until I started fiddle farting.
IMG_4340The charms, cabochons, fixed with E6000 and key rings when put together were fine as they were, then I thought I could add a couple of other small charms, hence the silver keys and bead drops taken from a disassembled necklace. 
IMG_4344Day of The Dead Skull Keyring
Jump rings are my nemesis, Marc makes it look so easy, and he says I make it look soooooo difficult, but I persevered and in turn I am really chuffed with the results, which will probably end up in someone’s cracker this Christmas.


Cheryl W said...

These are awesome!

marc said...

i love them i have some skull beads you can add we need to look for more of the day of the dead cabochons as i think they would sell and there are other makes we could do