Saturday, 23 September 2017

Another Change In Post Schedules

I know I have only just made changes to my blog schedule, but life still continues apace, and I have decided to make another change but for exactly the same reasons as my last post. Exciting times just seem to be getting in the way of my sitting down and crafting, like going off to London to be in the audience of The Great British Bake Off Extra Slice, long weekends in Dawlish and Bude, plus having family around with accompanying trips out.  I found that before accepting invitations etc. I was actually worrying and thinking about how I could keep posts going as those scheduled began to run out, and that to be honest was madness! I also discussed these feelings with Mrs A and Dianne on our recent meet up in Swindon, Dianne has had similar conflicts, but said that cutting down her “obligation” to post was liberating.

So, for the time being I am now going to post on Mondays only for the next little while, I may add the odd extra “newsy” post, but looking at my diary until the New Year I feel it’s a do-able target without getting the panicky feeling of having to “do something” just to get a post done.


tilly said...

Much better to live a 'real life' than an electronic one !!just do your crafting in your free moments and post just when you feel like it !! Iris and Bertie will demand more time as they grow as well, although I know you love to make things for them... enjoy your trips out/away

marc said...

that sounds like a plan you do what makes you happy its always nice to see what you have done and been up to if life is fun enjoy it big love marc

Di said...

Oh Helen, as you said in your post - it truly does feel like a load has been lifted when you work your crafting/blogging around your life rather than the other way round.

We'll all still hop in to check up on you and will look forward to anything you post - all the more so if it's giving you an easier life.


Di xx

Cheryl W said...

I do enjoy all your posts, but more than that, I want you to enjoy life! So, you go girl, and we'll be here whenever it works for you to post.