Saturday, 16 December 2017

Blast From The Past - Penguin Sweetie Bags From Christmas 2010

Penguin Drops Sweetie Candy bags Crafts
My sweetie bags are always popular but this year I have decided to drop the “poop” and use the word “drops” instead, as I think the more refined of my friends were a bit put off by the original idea .
Penguin Drops Sweetie Candy Bag Crafts
I’ve used a die from Nestabilities Label Set 8 and my Stampin’ Up scalloped and plain punches to make the topper  with Anita’s Laser Penguin Stickers (Penguin Party,  99p - £1.50 depending on the shop) to embellish.
I have put 50 grams of Cadbury white chocolate drops in the bag and would sell this for 75p.


Highland Monkey's said...

How cute is that. I think drops sound much nicer as well!

rayr77 said...

very cute :)

marc said...

kids love poop lol but i think drops is so much nicer big love marc

debbies said...

LOL Wish I had found your blog before mailing my sister's Christmas present to her. We have bought each other every "drop" on the market. Next year I'm making this!

Suze Bain said...

Another tasty treat! And much more classy calling them drops!! Great blog.

Cheryl W said...

These are very cute. I just got a new penguin die which would look so cute on these bags.